Our company offers ALR 365 Semi-automated  System for integrating exposure system, spinner and heater in one device and enables customers to realize significantly reduced fabrication costs. Automated system provides fully integrated and highly automated production systems for lithography. The system contains uniform lighting system with UV100 source which leads to high resolution feature size down to 2μm.

Table of specification

Technical data: Coating Process Unit
1-2-3-4 inch Sample size (inch)

Vacuum chuck


Max: 8000

Spindle velocity (rpm)
3 different ramps Ramp Step
Manual/ semi auto Process control
Mbar Dry pump
60-110 0C Soft bake
80-150 0C Hard bake
Technical data: Lithography
1-2-3-4 inch Sample size (inch)
1-2-3 Mask size (inch)
365–400nm wavelength Exposure System
UV-100 power
4 inch Beam size
1-2-3-4 inch Vacuum chunk for samples
Pneumatic Mask holding mechanism 
Auto Sample loading mechanism 
Damping base Anti-vibration platform

Use and Maintenance

  • Lithography must be done in cleanroom.
  • When placing the specimen or mask inside the device, be sure to use gloves and prevent any dirt inside the compartment.
  • Before exposure and spinning, make sure the vacuum pump is switched on and the sample is kept on the holder.
  • After every use of spinner clean inside the compartment with acetone pad.

Safety and Packing

  • During exposure, be sure to wear UV-protective glasses and do not stare at all.
  • When working, keep your hair, hands and clothes away from mechanical parts.
  • Do not wet the instrument’s electrical parts.
  • Avoid moving the device when the heater is still hot.
  • Use panes for placing the specimen on the