The Basis for Our Success is  Our Products

Photolithography is a process used in microfabrication to transfer geometric patterns to a film or substrate and actually it is the heart of many applications we take for granted every day.

AMS company as the first manufacture of optical mask aligner in Iran, is the market and technology leader in lithography equipment.

The company’s key competencies in photolithographic technology lie in the high-throughput contact and proximity exposure systems in addition to capabilities of its mask aligners. MA series with top-side alignment and, MAB series with double-side alignment are totally exclusive by our company, As well as our highly integrated coating platform (CPU-8000 series).

Desktop Lithography (DEX-365) Single Side Mask Aligner(MA-110365)
Reduction Lithography Unit (ALR 5-7) Semi-automatic lithography rack (ALR 365)
Coating Process Unit(CPU-8000) Double Side Mask Aligner(MAB-110365)