The system enables researches to create micrometer patterns in different substrates in many projects. The equipment supports a variety of standard lithography processes, such as vacuum and contact exposure mode. The system contains uniform lighting system with UV100 source which leads to high resolution feature size down to 2 μm.

Table of specification

Sample Size (inch)

1-2-3 inch

Mask Size (inch) 1-2-3
Exposure System Wavelength 365–400 nm
Power UV-100
Beam size 4 inch

Minimum Feature size


Maximum Mask size


Vacuum chunk for samples

1-2-4 inch

Mask holding mechanism  Auto
Sample loading mechanism 


Lithography process Semi-auto

Use and Maintenance

  • Lithography must be done in cleanroom.
  • When placing the specimen or mask inside the device, be sure to use gloves and prevent any dirt inside the compartment.
  • Before exposure, make sure the vacuum pump is switched on and the sample is kept on the holder.

Safety and Packing

  • During exposure, be sure to wear UV-protective glasses and do not stare at all.
  • When working, keep your hair, hands and clothes away from mechanical parts.
  • Do not wet the instrument’s electrical parts.
  • Avoid moving the device when the lamp is still hot.