An other important advancements by AMS Group in the lithography space include the company’s special Coating Process Unit. This system not only integrates coating and baking platform but, ultimately,  accommodate the processing of an extensive range of materials such as positive and negative resists, coating of thin resist layers and high viscosity resists. Conformal layers of photoresist or polymers are achieved on wafers  with AMS’s advanced coating technology. This ensures low material consumption of precious high-viscosity photoresists or polymers while improving uniformity and resist spreading options.

Since coating and baking the resist are crucial steps in a lithography process, Our company offers a product for integrating these steps in one device resulting in high reduction of process costs.

Table of Specification

Sample size (inch)

Vacuum chuck

1-2-3-4 inch
Spindle velocity (rpm) Min:500

Max: 8000

Ramp Step 3 different ramps
Process control Manual/ semi auto
Dry pump Mbar
Soft bake 60-110 0C
Hard bake 80-150 0C

Use and Maintenance

  • Lithography must be done in cleanroom.
  • When placing the specimen inside the device, be sure to use gloves and prevent any dirt inside the compartment.
  • Before spinning, make sure the vacuum pump is switched on and the sample is kept on the holder.
  • After every use of spinner clean inside the compartment with acetone pad.

Safety and Packing

  • When working, keep your hair, hands and clothes away from mechanical parts.
  • Do not wet the instrument’s electrical parts.
  • Avoid moving the device when the heater is still hot.
  • Use panes for placing the specimen on the