AMS Group Is the Place Where Quality Meets Innovation

Azhine Micro System Co. (AMS) is a startup Company and the leading producer in micro fabrication equipment business in Iran. The company is the first and the only manufacturer of Lithography equipments such as Spin Coater, Optical Mask Aligner and Reduction Unit.

Azhine Micro System Co. has been established in 2011 by the very first graduates and researchers in the field of Micro and Nano fabrication devices in the prestigious University of Tehran.

We offer a wide range of quality products which are the perfect systems for research institutes, universities and small volume production. The AMS products have set industry standards while offering an ideal and cost-effective solution for customers with limited budgets.

Chief executive officer: Dr. Reza Askari moghadam (Professor and Faculty Member at University of Tehran)
Chairman of the board : Dr. Javad Kohsorkhi (Professor Faculty Member at University of Tehran)